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I am still alive....... I have been super busy.. I started school again and well that keeps me SUPER busy and having a 2 and half year old daughter keeps me super busy also. i HOPE EVERYONE BEEN DOING ALRIGHT. :)
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Pokemon rant...and ect..


I remember when Pokemon came out and Ash was 10 years old..But now they are talking about this Pokémon Celebrates 15th Anniversary on Sunday..-falls laughing- meaning that Ash should be like 25 years old.. HAHAH! Ten to one, he will still be 10 years old... -.-

In other news, Fred mom called today. I wasn't going to call her back, because again she missed out on Sylvanis birthday party again this year. She got sick from going to her friends house, which she thinks more of her friend kids then she does of her own Grandchild. If she knew that her friend and her kids have the flu she should have stayed away from their.

But Fred called her back and blahblah... I wish he didn't but he doesn't listen to me when I tell him things something... -sigh- Will its 2:44am I will post more later. Ja
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I have to ask you to stop helping.


Today, my little girl Sylvanis has turn 2 years old.
Yet again, my hubby mom and brother called off on coming, like they did this year. -.- I was kinda upset about that, but hey what could u do really nothing. She will get a nice ear full about it tomorrow.

So I fix the whole house up for Sylvanis and there was alot of people that did show up, am glad she had a wonderful day. She open gifts and I let my sister video tape my hubby and I to bring out Sylvanis birthday cake.. So after the party was over and everyone left and i out Sylvanis to bed. I went to watch it and its no where to be found.. am soo upset about it. I was soping to have that video, Sylvanis blew out her own candles and everything and now I dont have it on tape.. =(

So sad. but am glad she had a fun day. I'll post pictures of it soon.
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I wanted to wish my dear sweet sister ad very happy birthday! I love you so much Jazmine! and I miss you so much also! Please have a great and wonderful birthday ever!!!! I wish you all the best your so dear to me and I love you so much!

You are so cearing for others and I know you dont think about yourself much. But today is you day and you should have so much fun!

This is for you!

And this is from your sweet little one:

Happy Birthday!!!
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Would anyone stay with someone if they keep brake a promise not once, but a few times? That is the question of the day..

Hey all!

I know I haven't been around, but you know how busy one can be.. HAHA! like me.
I been doing alot of thinking and still cant come up with anything. But that is life.
But my dear sister Jaz, I think you did a right thing is everything! And just remember you always have me to watch and love you!!!!
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Happy New Year!!!


Sorry, I havent been on.. I had one really crazy and bad year.
I had two of my lovely pets die, and my little girl and hubby been so sick this year.. but I hope everyone had a fun christmas and a very happy new year!!! I love you all!!!
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I KNOW!!! It has been forever... I cant help that am a verybusy mom...

Lets see... a few weeks ago my little Sylvanis came down with a ear problem that had blood coming out of and I rushed her to the ER and the dr didnt wan tot do anything for her.. Didnt even look in her ear at all and didn't want to give her anything for her.. not even med to heal it or anything for her pain... OMG it was sooo annoying.. So i took her to see her Dr and come to find out.. she needs meds and ear drops and Pain meds...WOW her dr was sooo pissed...

On toher news,... Sylvanis found a kitten now am taking care of... we named her Buttons because Sylvanis likes buttons... I have a cold right now and am not too happy.. I have alot more... but SYlvanis wants to wake up so i ave to go lol... Bye.. hee hee
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SanzoxGoku Dance


I know, its been a long time snice I updated but that can't be helped been busy Haha!

Sylvanis loves this video! everytime she see it or hears it on tv she starts smileing or laughung.. and if she not in the room she comes running.. XD sooo cute!!

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My sweet kitty

My sweet Tigger

My Sweet little Tigger
Dec 17,2003 ~ June 13,2010

I know I only got him when he was a big kitty back in Dec of 2003, So I never knew how old he was. But I loved him so much... I had to put put him down today.. I miss him so much!!! I love you Tigger! U were always my fave!!
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