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Kaze Tenshi

~The Wind Angel~

~The Wind Angel~
3 May 1983
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About me
How can I describe myself...? Hmm...I love anime and Japanese culture,hope to visit there some day. I guess I am pretty different from most...I am a caring person,at least if you are on my good side,if not I'll just get sad...of course,my husband to be will have something to say to anyone who hurts me in any way. I love the wind and would let it pick me up and carry me away if I could. I am happy with him and he's happy with me,nothing will change that,EVER!!! I suppose my biggest role for him other than love him is keep him out of trouble...>-_-< since it follows him like a plague. We recently moved in together,and I don't think I've been happier. I like to write,am presently working on a novel,I think it's going well...at least,I hope...>T_T<
I am a Cat furry >^_^< and he's a fox fur...but,we get along. I am easy-going most of the time,usually avoid confrontations,and prefer peaceful solutions.
Special News: I am mommy with such a cute little girl!!! And,best yet...with the man I love. He's a goth,love the darkness he carries around him,I guess. Hmm...we both like art...and if you don't like art,leave me ALONE! Art and Music are the only universal things...besides numbers,but I don't care about those,art and music are my passions. He was a musician years ago,I don't know much about that part of his past...kinda keeps it secret. But I don't really care about the past,I am just happy about our now,and I am keeping hopeful for our future. I keep many things around me that are important,things most would find strange or mundane.

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